tisdag 5 april 2011

Bits and pieces

Här på Öland har vi haft ett ljuvligt väder i ett par dagar nu. Har suttit ute och läst bland annat. Och tittat på talgoxarna som kalasat på sina talgbollar i äppelträdet. Snödropparna blommar och här och var i omgivningarna hörs hammarslag, ett härligt vårljud tycker jag. De ger mig kraft att också ta tag i olika projekt. Bland annat fick jag upp min brevlåda igen. Den hade plogbilen ner i vintras och sen stod den fastfrusen i en snödriva. Nu är ju snön borta och så även ursäkterna för att inte sätta den på plats igen. Fick en liten lapp i brevlådan igår från min brevbärare: "Snälla, kan du inte sätta upp lådan igen?". Hann göra det idag innan posten kom. Då fick jag en ny liten lapp: "Tack!" Fint tycker jag. Det är tjusningen med att bo på landet (en av många). Ett personligare tilltal. Lite mänskligare. Man tar sig tid på ett annat sätt. Nåväl, dags för lite vårfina prylar att inspireras av.

Here on Öland we´ve had absolutely amazing weather these past few days. Have sat outside in the garden reading, among other things. Like watching the birds eat away att the tallow I´ve hung up for them in the apple tree. The snow drops are blooming and from near and far in the neighbourhood I can hear the sound of hammers, hammering away on whatever new projects are being dealt with now that the snow is finally gone. It inspired me to finally deal with my mailbox that was pushed down by the snow plough a few months ago and had been sitting on the ground since then. Frozen stuck in a pile of snow at first. But now that the snow is gone so was any excuse not to put it back up on the fence. Received a litte note from my mailman yesterday: "Please could you put the malbox back up?". Got it done before the mail arrived today. Received a new little note: "Thank you!". Very sweet! One of the many advantages of living in the countryside (I used to live in Stockholm) is the more personal and simply warmer way of communicating with and caring for each other. At least that is my experience. People always find the time. I love that!
Now on to something else. Some pretty things to inspire you:

Like these gorgeous candy boxes from Kar Kar:

Lovely necklaces and figurines from Magic Beanbuyer:

Recycled paper and felt jewelry from Hippie Kingdom:

Pillows from Robin´s Egg Blue:

Finally some recycled/upcycled lamps from Boots N Gus:

Hope you liked it! Have a super evening! Hugs, Lina

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  1. Life in the countryside is much calmer indeed! I have been to Stockholm and it is packed and noisy. Pity that we ourselves have been creating mutant metropolitan cities and then inventing ways to live ecologically in them. Something which is actually impossible.

  2. I really love these pillows...so pretty! thanks so much for stopping by my blog!